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    About OJBS

    Open Journal of Biological Sciences is a bimonthly journal publishes the finest peer-reviewed research in the field of biology, on the basis of its originality, importance, disciplinary interest, elegance, surprising discussions and conclusions and serves as a means for scientific information exchange in the biological sciences forum. The journal emphasis on multidisciplinary approaches that integrate methodologies from medicine, biology, chemistry, imaging, engineering, bioinformatics, computer science, and systems analysis.

    Open Journal of Biological Sciences is an esteemed journal that delivers a focused, peer-reviewed, valuable collection of cases in all disciplines so that healthcare professionals, researchers and others can easily find biologically important information on common and rare conditions. This is the largest single collection of articles which are related to Biological Research and Development online journal from all over countries in the world.

    Open Journal of Biological Sciences is to encourage the publication of new information by providing a platform for reporting of unique, unusual and rare cases which enhance understanding of biological process, its methods and developmental correlations. The journal is considering all the latest and outstanding research articles, letters and reviews in all aspects of Biological Research and Developments.

    This is an Open Access journal encircling all aspects of biological research which aims to publish novel perception regarding latest trends in the field of Biology with molecular, genetic, cellular, and physiological importance. It serves as the research community of life sciences as an Open Access peer-reviewed online journal, providing authors and readers with an option to the traditional model of peer review.

    The scope of the journal includes: Anatomy, Biochemistry, Biomedical Sciences, Biophysics, Bioinformatics, Bio mechanics, Basic medical sciences, Cell Physiology, Cellular Biology, Conservation, development & differentiation, behavior, ecology, Cytology, Developmental Biology, Diabetology, Ecology, Embryology, Endocrinology, Entomology, Evolutionary biology, Environmental Sciences, Forestry, Food and Nutrition Sciences, Genetic Markers, Genetics, Helminthological, Histology, Hydrobiology, Human biology and Science, Human Exercise Physiology, Ichthyology, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Molecular, Microbiology Biology, Marine biology, Paleoecology, Parasitism, Plant Pathology, Plant Science and Botany, Pollution Study, Paleontology, Parasitology, Physiology, Soil and Environmental Sciences, Special Cultivation Technology, Toxicology, Taxonomy, Veterinary Sciences, Zoology, etc.

    • Anatomy, Acarology, Archeology, Agronomy, Biochemistry
    • Bioengineering, Botany, Bioinformatics, Biomechanics
    • Biomedical research, Biometrics, Biophysics, Biotechnology, Biogeography
    • Botany, biological psychology, Radiobiology, Bionomics, Biosciences
    • Conservation biology, Cell biology, Computational biology
    • Cryobiology, Cytology, Conservation & Management of Ecosystems
    • Chronobiology, Comparative Physiology, Developmental biology